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Canna Cabana & product offerings on full product range:

Canna Cabana was created with the intention of opening a physical store in the beautiful Western Cape, where we could showcase all the vibrant, local, cannabis-affiliated brands which South Africa has to offer. The brands with whom we began our journey are some of the brands who have kept the cannabis culture both colourful and lively throughout all the pointless years of prohibition.

Since opening our doors, our product range is continually expanding. Our goal is to provide the customer with excellent service, a variety of choice, as much information as possible, and value for money. Please understand that a lot of cannabis is smoked around here, so service can be slow at times and general f*ck-ups do occur. For the most part, we are pretty “on it” and will be at your beck and call.

Our shop showcases products ranging from life-changing moisturizer to dab rigs & dry-herb vape pens; from soil and nutrients to medicated edibles and infused coffee!

Irie vibes, and happy shopping!



09:00 ~ 16.20


09:00 ~ 14.00